RISD Craft Logo Lockup

RISD Alumni Relations wanted to re-brand the fall alumni and student art sale to reflect changed direction to help increase the visibility to their show. They wanted to move away from the idea of a street fair and demonstrate that the show was now a juried exhibition with an increase in quality. “RISD Fall Alumni + Student Art Sale” didn’t have a very good ring to it so we proposed a new name in addition to a new visual identity.

The previous name was a mouthful and there wasn’t a strong visual thread linking the pieces together. We believed the name had to be simplified but the visual materials could demonstrate a mixture of elegance and sophistication to more clearly communicate the level of quality a customer could expect to find. Verbally it was important that the constituents involved in the event could speak clearly about it, vendors could say to their customers”I’ll have a booth at RISD Craft” “Come see me at RISD Craft” or “I’m looking forward to seeing you at RISD Craft” as opposed to “I’ll have a booth at the RISD Fall Alumni + Student Art Sale”.

In creating the promotional materials for the event we came up with a methodology for choosing imagery consistently choosing a designed object, a wearable, and a piece of fine art to highlight the breadth of the types of objects a customer could expect to see at the event.

RISD Craft Brochure

Done in collaboration with Chris Swift at RISD Media Group.