RISD Weekend Logo Lockup

Each year RISD invites alumni and parents of current students to a series of campus events and a celebration of the RISD community. While the event had an existing identity the opaque quality of the name RISD by Design and the visual density of the materials left participants and organizers alike confused. When stating what RISD By Design was, the name was usually followed by a clarifying statement such as “alumni weekend” or “parents’ weekend.

The previous identity wasn’t easily recognizable and it was difficult to work within, so few pieces of collateral and signage were developed. This new system allowed us to create greater anticipation and participation in all aspects of the weekend. By sandwiching messaging and department names within RISD and WEEKEND we were able to show RISD’s multiple personalities and points of view through a unified and recognizable system.

When the system was introduced RISD’s Alumni Relations saw a 25% increase in attendance and in participation in individual events.

Done in collaboration with Chris Swift and Jay Marol as part of RISD Media Group.

RISD Weekend Department Grid
RISD Weekend Posters Grid
RISD Weekend Tote Bag
RISD Weekend T-shirt
RISD Weekend Brochure Designs
RISD Weekend T-shirt
RISD Weekend T-shirt
RISD Weekend T-shirt