Writing Against the Image Cover

I worked with Zack Robbins to produce a book that captured our class’s writings that were generated as part of Linda van Deursen’s workshop. As a group we all reacted to Flusser’s Towards a Philosophy of Photography. Much of the work dealt with Flusser’s concept of the ‘apparatus’, made up of self sustaining ‘programs’. The apparatus of the camera would continue to survive and improve as users of the apparatus would, ‘play against the camera’, to fulfill its various programs, such as landscape photography, or portraiture. As the camera and the computer have become one this notion is no longer abstract. The phone is full of software that literally calls to us through push notifications, asking us to reflect on a recent vacation, encouraging us to share and to feed the network. Tight margins and a pocketable size were light nods to the form factor of the latest devices.

Writing Against the Image Spread
Writing Against the Image Spread 02
Writing Against the Image Pile